Congregational Renewal


"…be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable and perfect, will of God." - Romans 12:2

Congregational Transformation is a spiritual, systemic, and strategic journey traveled by a congregation urgently striving to realize what God has called it to be and do.

It is spiritual because transformation is about listening to God.

  • It is systemic because transformation is not about any particular ministry
    or program. It is about everything a congregation does and is.
  • It is strategic because transformation addresses challenge, change, and
    transitions through an intentional process.
  • And it is a journey because transformation is not an event, but a never-ending process to manifest that unique future to which God is calling.


Regional Church Support on the Journey of Congregational Transformation
Taking into consideration the complexity of Congregational Transformation and the diverse nature of the conditions and scenarios that congregations within the Christian Church in Ohio find themselves, the Regional Church's Congregational Transformation Ministry Team believes that there is no one single "cure all" approach.

The role of the Regional Church is to be a partner to resource pastors and congregations as they discern their own unique "spiritual strategic journey" of transformation. Therefore, the Congregational Transformation Ministry Team has developed a Regional Church model of support that will educate and train leaders, identify and utilize resources, and network congregations and pastors to share their learnings and experiences. This model of support is comprised in networks:

Network of Leaders

A key component of the model is the development of a "Leadership Network" for pastors who have covenanted to become "Transformational Leaders". The leadership network will be intentional in:

  • Sharing the outcomes of congregational insights related to the use of transformation resources;
  • Creating a "community of learning" through the use of "webinars", so that training and vision casting events for transformation can be held without requiring travel. (Webinars are events held with the combination of conference call and internet-based presentation);
  • Writing articles on the topic Congregational Transformation for the Buckeye Disciple and sharing experiences at regional events.

Network of Congregations

Another component of Regional Church support of congregational transformation is the development and facilitation of a "resource network" among congregations who make a formal decision and a covenant with the Regional Church to become a "Transforming Congregation."

The Pastoral Staff and the Congregational Transformation Team will closely monitor the activity of thecongregational network  and offer recommendations by evaluating new transformation resources and sharing the results with the pastoral and congregational leadership networks.

Network of Coaches

Coaching is an exciting way to draw out from within pastors and leaders the gifts and skills for transformation.The Congregational Transformation Team considers coaching perhaps the single most important resource for transformation and leadership development available for pastors and congregations. The Christian Church in Ohio has trained and developed a support network of coaches to work with pastors and congregational pastors committed to Transformation.

Congregational Transformation Resources

The Ohio Church Transformation Team

The best resources the Ohio Region can make available to you are pastors that are involved in the process of Transformation who are willing to work with you as you approach the process. We have a diverse and experienced team available to work with you. Click here for complete information about your Ohio Church Transformation Team.

Ohio Leadership Coaches

If you are interested in being coached through the process of Church Transformation, the Ohio Region makes available to you trained coaches. Click here for the Regional Coaching Brochure.

Other Available Resources

For a list of suggested Books - Click here

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For information on Religious Research and Demographics -  Click here

For Worship Resources and web sites -  Click here

For other Transformation Resources - Click here

To view some Programs and Ministries to Help in Transformation -  Click here

To view our recorded online webinars - Click here

For a Copy of the Pastor's Network and Leader's Network Covenant  Click Here

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