Worship Resources and Update for Renewal Initiative

By Alan Dicken - Tuesday August 11, 2020

Renewal Update:

We wanted to send you an update about the Renewal Initiative and let you know that we have already collected a little over $35,000!  We wanted to say a big THANK YOU! We have updated our giving thermometer here /other-pages/renewal-initiative.aspx.  You can also find additional documents and resources about the Renewal Initiative at that site.

Worship Resources:

To supplement the Renewal Initiative, there are some worship resources we have put together for use in the coming weeks.  If your church is interested, here are a few resources that could be incorporated into a worship service including Hymn Recommendations, Call to Worship, Prayer and a video including Scripture Reading, and a Sermon.  If you would prefer the video be shared with you (or those who handle the technology for your services) directly, please reach out to adicken@ccinoh.org and I can share access to the video for you to fit into your service without going through YouTube.

Hymn Recommendations:

Gather Us In (Chalice Hymnal #284)

Great is Thy Faithfulness (Chalice Hymnal #86)

All Who Hunger, Gather Gladly (Chalice Hymnal #419)

Renew Your Church (Chalice Hymnal #463)

Call to Worship:

One: God we cry out to you and ask for your Spirit to descend upon us this morning

Many: God, revive in us the unshakable hope in the possibility of a future blessed by your grace

One: When we break the bread and share the cup, we know the living presence of Christ with us

Many: May we be rejuvenated by this sacred meal to restore unity in Christ’s body, the church, and in service to the world

One: God, may we be renewed by your steadfast love

Many: May we be renewed by your love every day.


God of persistent love, we come to you this day for restoration.  May we be reminded of how all that is good flows from you.  May we turn to you for hope in times of chaos.  May your church have the flame of Pentecost rekindle our hearts and reignite our passion for shared ministry and vision that goes beyond the individual congregation and out into your world – a world so desperate for Good News and hope.  God help us to be faithful in our calling to be your church, and may you bless us in all that we do in your Holy Name, Amen.


YouTube Link for Scripture and Sermon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2knkmXInOro&feature=youtu.be


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