By Rev. Thaddaeus Allen - Friday December 20, 2019

Allen, Thad 2Come they told me……  and light a fourth and purple candle for Love.  As we approach the holy night of Christmas Eve we are given one more visible and powerful reminder of the very real presence and peace of Christ in our midst.  And this candle burns totally dedicated to Love.  It burns in our midst as a visible sign of God’s love for us, and is a call to the church to mirror and share the very same with all of humanity.  The words of Paul echo, again, in that the greatest of these candles, perhaps, is Love!

Like the candles of the wreath, the members of our regional parish are visible and powerful reminders of the love of God in Christ Jesus.  The faithful Disciples in Ohio really are bright candles of love that shine for all the world to see.  Thru your witness, words, and good works you bear the light of Jesus into the lives you touch.  Together, we really are the light of the world.  The candles of Advent call us into mindful service and remind us of the good gracious gifts of God.  The light of the season bids us welcome and says to us “Come”.

Come they told me of a regional church that continues to bless each other with love.  Come they told me of a regional church that continues to bear testimony of God’s grace for children, women and men across the Buckeye state.  Come they told me of a generous people who give, and share, and sacrifice for others.  Come they told me, and draw nearer to the precious heart of the one who comes to us again in Advent as we burn the candle of our lives with love. 


Be well and Godspeed,

Thaddaeus Allen
Visiting Regional Minister


For more information and Christmas Offering resources,
go to https://disciplesmissionfund.org/special-offerings/christmas/

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