Lent - March 2nd

By Gladys Davis - Monday March 2, 2020

Co-creators with God.

 “The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden to till it and keep it.”  - Gen 2:15 (NRSV)

Regardless of your views on exactly how Creation took place, one thing we can likely agree on is that God, the Ground of all Being, had a hand in it. Genesis tells us that after God created the world, he asked us, humans, to take care of it, “to till it and keep it.”  Tilling the land breaks up the soil and makes it a welcoming environment to allow newly planted seeds to germinate, grow, and flourish. Think about that for a moment . . . God asked us to be Co-Creators of life.  We get to be co-creators anytime we help give birth to new life — plants, animals, even little baby humans.

If you do any gardening, your mailbox is probably filled with seed catalogs this time of year.  I love planting little seed balls. Last fall I planted milkweed and cone flowers. I’m so excited to see if they start sprouting next month. I hope the milkweed will attract monarch butterflies to my back yard.  That will be another way I can be part of the creation, the birthing process.

But our responsibility doesn’t end with the birthing process.  The second part of that command is to “keep it.”  It is our God-given responsibility to care for God’s creation. To me, that means I must use the earth’s resources wisely. Further, I must try not to introduce toxins or pollutants into the earth or the atmosphere. I am not as good as this as I could be, but I do drive an electric car and I do recycle, and I do support sustainable farming practices. It’s a start.

My prayer for you today is that you will know the joy of dirty fingernails, dirty knees, as you co-create with God, and care for this beautiful world we’ve been blessed with. Then we too can look around and say “It is good.”

Creator God, thank you for the blessing of our beautiful world. Thank you for allowing us to be part of the creation process. Help us be faithful stewards of your earth, and leave it better than we found it.  Amen.

Gladys Davis
Treasurer, Christian Church in Ohio



The full Lenten Devotional Booklet can be downloaded by clicking HERE.


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