Lent - February 28th

By Tomas Hernandez - Friday February 28, 2020

1 Peter 2:4-5
Come to him, a living stone, though rejected by mortals yet chosen and precious in God’s sight, and like living stones, let yourselves be built into a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

I love this metaphor of the living stones that Peter is making in this letter. The “Living Stones’’ creates a clear reminder to us that our own contributions in worship -- both at a congregation or just at home -- may seem like a very small part of fellowship; however, we are all the living stones that are building God’s beloved community. In the season of Lent, we recognize the restructuring that is important in our lives; it’s a time where we rebuild our community. And this rebuilding is not a complete redo in trying to make God’s community; rather, it is mending and moving of living stones that may have fallen or jostled in this last year. The continual building of this community to, in the end, reach fellowship and rejoicing with all who help construct this holy space.

These last few months, I have focused my academic and spiritual life on the study of other traditions that are not accustomed to the Christian Faith and how I can use this scholarship of religions for a clearer understanding of my own faith. Understanding how other people understand religion is important because I feel like it is important to comprehend how people of other religious traditions commit to The Divine in order to see how us Christians might feel more comfortable in our work for God. There are many different ways that we share fellowship with one another; and, for me, studying how other religions partake in their forms of love and fellowship is important for the rebuilding of my purpose in our Disciples of Christ community.

We have been anointed together this past Ash Wednesday, and we share the fellowship of that sacred time, now let us use this time of Lent to allow ourselves to reconstruct as the living stones that creates God’s community so that we can all rejoice in the glory of our Savior. Please join me in a prayer:

Loving and Caring God… Thank you for this day. Another day that we can use to understand the lessons that you give us and for the fellowship that you bring. In this season of Lent, Lord, help us to rebuild -- to improve -- ourselves in Disciples of Christ. Please God, continue to use us as your Living Stones in the construction of your community. And help us, Lord, to realize that us stones are all necessary to your creation. Guide us to the way that we can, individually, be involved for the betterment of that community. Because we know that all of your Living Stones fit in different ways. Help us, Lord, to find our fit in the structure so we can all rejoice in our name. We ask of this in your name, amen.


Tomas Hernandez
Regional Church Council Member


The full Lenten Devotional Booklet can be downloaded by clicking HERE.


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