By Rev. Eugene James - Wednesday December 18, 2019

Joy is delight at God’s grace which enables us to endure our trials.
George Seevers

James, Eugene“Joy to the world…”  These words from the lyrics of this beloved Christmas carol would come mind almost automatically to many of us if asked to respond to the word joy during this time of Advent. It expresses the message of joy for the giving of the greatest gift: “…the Lord has come.”

Some would say that the Christian Church in Ohio is enduring a period of trial during this season of transition, experiencing doubt, frustration, confusion, even fear. Be that as it may, we still have joy because of God’s amazing grace that enables us to continue to move forward in fulfilling the ministry to which we are called.

Black Friday traditionally is the beginning of the Christmas shopping “frenzy” on the part of those seeking to acquire items to be given to experience the “joy of giving.” Others are coming together to give of their time and resources to provide for the many needs that have been identified in their communities, experiencing the joy of giving in a meaningful way.

I have experienced joy participating in the installation services of Pastor Chris McCreight at Hiram Christian Church, Pastor Nathan Russell at Washington Avenue Christian Church, Pastor Glen Schory at Central Christian Church, Wooster. I experienced joy participating in the ordination services of Rev. Jack Veatch, Rev. Jennifer Berlyoung, Rev. Richard Hinckleman.

I had the joy and privilege of presenting certificates of recognition from the Office of the General Minister and President to Washington Avenue Christian Church and First Christian Church, Wadsworth for notable increases in giving to Disciples Mission Fund in 2018.

I encourage you to share in the joy of giving to the Christmas Offering that supports the ministry of the Christian Church in Ohio. It will be received with great joy unspoken.

God bless you. 

Eugene James
Visiting Regional Minister


For more information and Christmas Offering resources, go to https://disciplesmissionfund.org/special-offerings/christmas/

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