COVID-19 Response

By Christian Church in Ohio - Wednesday March 11, 2020

Dear Church,

     This is just a quick message to let you all know what the Region is doing in response to COVID-19.  First and foremost, we are praying.  Praying for healing, praying for wholeness, praying for hope.  We ask all of you to join us in this prayer as we know that we must always root all of our actions, thoughts, and daily lives in the power of prayer.

     We know that prayer requires action of us as well and we want to reassure you that we are taking action.  While many of our existing safety and security protocols at Camp Christian already are in line with proper health guidelines in addressing COVID-19, Ted, Wendy, and Jennie have been working to double down on extra precautions there.  All drinking fountains are being shut off, additional signs are being put up, and conversations are being held with any group using Camp or the Monroe Lodge as a rental space to ensure that cleanliness and safety procedures are upheld at all times.

     The Camp Christian Committee is scheduling a time to meet by the end of next week to discuss existing safety measures and to engage in conversation around possible future protocols and decisions that may need to be made regarding how Camp operates this summer.  No decisions are being made at this time, this is only a preliminary conversation to set standards and expectations for ourselves so that we are prepared for whatever may come next.  We are planning to be pro-active instead of re-active here which requires accounting for many different possibilities and tough decisions that may lie ahead.  As the group meets and next steps become clearer, we will keep everyone posted.

     Looking ahead to our immediate calendar, we don’t feel that there is a need at this time to change any of the planned events to be held at Camp Christian.  There may need to be a decision made about the upcoming Disciples Connect luncheon at camp on March 28, but at this time the event will continue as scheduled.

     As we continue to learn more, and develop our thoughts and responses, we will keep communication open, share everything we know, and will be updating as soon as updates come available to us.

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     And we will close with how we began, in prayer –

     God of Mercy,

     At this time of uncertainty and fear, give us courage to be good stewards of your healing love.  Give us strength to hold up one another in support and compassion.  Give us reminders of the many rich blessings that surround us.  Give us wisdom to discern the most faithful way forward in caring for your people.   Give us hope that we may continue on into tomorrow with the joy of being in community and wrapped in your love.

     We ask these prayers in Jesus’ name.




Peace and God Bless,

The Staff and Leadership of the Christian Church in Ohio and Camp Christian


Rev. Alan Dicken, Program Director              Candis Wilson, Regional Moderator

Jennie Stoddart Bernard, Regional Administrator

Ted Nelson, Campsite Manager                     Wendy Taylor, Food Services Coordinator

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