Advent - Wednesday, December 5th

By Rev. Dr. Pamela Barnes-Jackson - Wednesday December 5, 2018

Is There Any Room?


Please read Luke 2: 1-7

Caesar Augustus sent out a decree that all the world be registered by census. To this very day, they are done every ten years in the USA.

Although, Joseph knew Mary was about to give birth and her time was near, they made the trek to Bethlehem in Judea. Mary was in much pain I am sure as she rode a donkey into town. She needed somewhere to lay her head and prepare herself. Joseph went to the Innkeeper and asked him; “Is there any room?” The Innkeeper advised Joseph that there was no room, due to the census.

Joseph found that while they journeyed to be counted amongst the community and its members, that the same community had no room for them. You, a peer, or family member may have had a similar experience at some point. After a period of two thousand and eighteen years we have to ask ourselves; Is there any room?

Even on our Christian journeys, as we approach the significant event of Christmas; we ponder many events taking place in the world, the USA, and our local communities, and wonder; Is there any room?

When others are constantly emphasizing their heartfelt hatred, through their violence and intolerant acts upon society and its members, many of us today may find ourselves approaching the same question that Joseph asked the innkeeper. Is there any room?

When we reflect on the many miles we have traveled as brethren, to get to where we are, Christian and Non-Christian alike, we wonder if we are really being counted amongst the community, as various family members, cultures, and peoples, coming together to be registered amongst the many.

Sometimes we find that all we can do is to pray and praise. As simplistic as this may sound, we must remember what Joseph and Marie did, they took the most humble station in their pursuit of being community. And look at the “Blessing” the world received, “a Savior”.

Our first thought should be to pray to God in order to remedy the situation. Then give God all the praise for working things out. Having faith enough to walk in belief and celebration of our Savior’s birth, and His presence in our lives.

As Christians we know that God’s has a larger plan and that two thousand eighteen years ago a Savior was born. Let us celebrate with gladness the joy of having traveled from our past locations to our modern-day Bethlehem’s, awaiting the significant events of our lives to happen.

No one foresaw this event happening in a stable, nor among the animals. Why a stable? Why a manger? Why no crib for a bed? Why would God send Jesus into the world to be born of lowly means? Why would God choose to let his son not find a room at the inn?

I believe I know the answer and it is that Jesus was birthed into this world in a most humble and lowly way.

In approaching the light of Christ’s birth, we still see and experience the sores of prejudice, jealousy, hatred, envy, strife, confusion, greed, and all other kinds of evil happenings.

What is most important in our community and at this time of advent and celebrating our Savior’s birth is that as we consider “Is there any Room?” Our answer should be yes, there is room at the cross for you, though millions have come, there is still room for one, there is room at the cross for you.


Rev. Dr. Pamela Barnes-Jackson
Regional Church Council


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