Advent - Thursday, December 13th

By Rev. Roger McKinney - Thursday December 13, 2018

Please read Exodus 2:1-9       

In Disciples Christian Church in Cleveland Heights we are using Desmond Tutu’s Children of God Storybook Bible as a guide for worship this year.  The story from Exodus 2 of the beginning of the life of Moses came up in November.  It is a remarkable story, not because it tells of the birth of Moses, but of the “Sheroes” who saved the life of this infant.  The midwives of Israel refused to kill Hebrew baby boys at the command of King Pharaoh.  The mother of Moses hid this baby that was under threat of execution.  The sister of Moses (later named Miriam), watched the baby and dared to offer assistance.  The princess, daughter of Pharaoh, was not fooled.  She knew this was a Hebrew baby boy, and still saved him, even adopted him!  Each of these was a shero!

Were it not for these women, God’s plan to save the Hebrew people would have fallen apart!  These nameless women, with their acts of civil disobedience, saved the life of a baby boy and changed the course of history.

I am struck by the parallels between the story of Moses as an infant, and the story of the coming of Jesus.  Both were born to dirt poor parents.  Both were under threat of execution by a powerful ruler.  Both were brought into this world and protected by shero women.  Both grew up to change the course of history.  Both moved humanity forward in understanding the mysterious God of Sarah and Abraham, the Creator and Redeemer God of all people and all time.

But none of it would have happened if God had not had partners among us human beings, willing to risk their lives, to follow the call of God, willing to be sheroes or heroes, in acts of civil disobedience.

Can we take these partners of God as examples today?  Can you identify one way that God might be calling you to be a partner with God in changing the course of history yet again, in 2018? 


Rev. Roger McKinney
Disciples Christian Church, Cleveland Heights and Regional Church Council

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