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Dear Ohio Region,

Camp Sunlight
Thank you so much for your patience as we have worked on the plans and details surrounding Camp Christian this summer.  We sent an update at the end of 2020, asking you to plan on having Camp and we have been hard at work to make sure that we can safely have our summer programming this year!  It has taken a lot of work and conversations with the Union County Health Department, Christian Church in Ohio staff, volunteer directors for the various weeks, and a whole lot of prayer!

To be clear – if the situation changes, or if the Union County Health Department recommends we do not have Camp, we will not have Camp this summer.  The only reason why we are planning to have camp is because we believe we can do so safely.  Safely having camp will mean a lot of changes to our normal schedule and programming.  It will certainly feel and look different this year more than any other year.  But we still look forward to being able to gather together again safely at Camp Christian for our summer programming!

Click HERE to view our Policies and Procedures for Camp Christian 2021.  Included in this working document will be a schedule for the summer, an outline of our policies and procedures, and a plan for our RSVPs, which will be required for this year due to the advanced planning we will need to do.

Please understand this this is a working document based on the most recent conversations we’ve had with the Union County Health Department, our staff, and directors.  As we have updated information and recommendations, we will update our policies accordingly.  We cannot anticipate what will happen or what developments may occur between now and July, but with the existing plans in place, we believe that we will be able to safely have Camp this summer.  Additionally, we know that many of these may apply to one camp/conference, but not another.  More specific program changes are being developed by the staff and directors and will be made available as the dates of camp get closer.

Please ask questions!  Undoubtedly, many concerned parents and pastors will want to know more than what is laid out in this document.  That is okay!  If you have additional questions or would like follow up conversations about these policies, please reach out to our Regional Program Director, Rev. Alan Dicken at adicken@ccinoh.org.

**IMPORTANT NOTE**: We are needing additional counselors who can serve for Junior Camp this year.  Without at least 20 additional volunteers, we won’t be able to offer Junior Camp, which would be very unfortunate for the youth and for our programming.  If you are interested in sending in an RSVP for your child for Junior Camp and would like to accompany them as a counselor this year, we would greatly appreciate that!  If you are interested in serving as Junior Camp Counselor this July 18-21, please fill out this form here and we will be in touch with you.

Also, we cannot thank you enough for helping to donate to the Renewal Initiative last year.  Your gifts and donations helped to make this year possible and your ongoing support to the Renewal Initiative will continue to ensure that Camp Christian will continue to thrive and we will continue to engage in the powerful youth and young adult ministries that happen there every summer.  Please click here if you would like to make a contribution to the Renewal Initiative.

Thank you all for your constant prayers and support as we have been working hard to make Camp a possibility for this summer.  Please continue to hold us in prayer as we develop even more thorough and effective ways for us to safely have our summer programs up and running.


Peace and Love,

Rev. Alan Dicken
Regional Program Director

Click HERE to download the Policies and Procedures for 
Camp Christian 2021 working document PDF.




The full Camp Christian Endowment Fund Policy can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

The Regional Church Council of the CCIO has established a Permanent Endowment Fund for the maintenance, care and development of Camp Christian.  The RCC, in consultation with the Christian Church Foundation, felt this was the best way to establish a permanent source of funding for Camp Christian.  All end-of-life gifts that are designated by the donor for Camp Christian will automatically flow into this fund.

Donors who want to contribute money can do so in one of several ways: 

  • A gift designated to Camp Christian Operations.  This gift will be used solely to fund Camp operations, and can be used in its entirety as needed to maintain and operate Camp.
  • A gift designated to the Camp Christian Endowment Fund.  Since it is a permanent fund, gifts to the fund will be used solely to generate income for the maintenance, care and development of Camp Christian. The original gift will be held in perpetuity to generate income for Camp.
  • A gift designated for a specific project.  For example, we recently received contributions to fund Christmas bonuses for the staff, another to replace a broken water heater, and another to improve accessibility at camp.
  • A gift designated to a specific ministry of the Christian Church in Ohio, e.g., youth camp scholarships, seminary assistance through the Commission on Ministry, or any other ministries currently in operation.
  • A gift designated to the Christian Church in Ohio Operations generally. This gift will benefit any / all ministries of the Region, including scholarships, Commission on Ministry, etc.


When making a donation, it is important to specify - in writing - how your gift should be used.  This documentation will help ensure your gift is used as you intended. 


May God bless your gifts for the advancement of the beloved community.  


Gladys Davis, CPA (inactive)
Treasurer, CCIO

The full Camp Christian Endowment Fund Policy can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

 Camp Christian Onsite Contact Information

Phone: (937) 348-2811
Fax: (937) 348-2845
Mailing Address:
10335 Maple Dell Rd
Marysville, OH 43040

Please note:  There is not an option to email the children and youth at Camp Christian.  Letters can be faxed to (937) 348-2845, or mailed to 10335 Maple Dell Rd. Marysville, OH 43040. 

If you have an emergency, call camp directly at 937-348-2811.

Camp Christian Rental Contact Information

For all rental inquiries:
Phone: (937) 348-2811 (Primarily Tues & Thurs)
Wendy Taylor
Email: wtaylor@ccinoh.org

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