Interim Ministries

both Interim and Settled
April 30th at Camp Christian

 Diagnosing Congregational Health
Sacred Stories:
continuing the congregation’s legacy Recognizing the Signs

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 This Workshop Will Give Participants an Opportunity to:

  • Learn about the diagnostic criteria of congregational health developed by Geo. Bullard AND the next steps toward health.
  • Learn about various tools available to use in assessing congregational health and readiness for change.
  • Learn how to recognize the signs of when a congregation is entering the Legacy phase.
  • Understand how Sacred Stories play a key role in helping congregations shape their legacy. 

 3-Day Basic Interim Ministry Training
May 8-10, 2018
at Camp Christian

3-DayTraining for UCC & DOC Pastors wanting to serve as Interim Ministers in Ohio

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This Training will help participants learn about:

  • The five developmental tasks of interim ministry
  • The five process tasks for interim ministers
  • Discerning the call to serve as an interim minister
  • The ethics of interim ministry
  • How to start and finish interims
  • Working with the denominational judicatory while serving as an interim
  • Helping the members of a congregation solve their problems without feeling the interim pastor has to solve the problems singlehandedly 

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is for any pastor (Disciples of Christ or United Church of Christ) interested in serving as an interim minister in Ohio.  The period of transition that occurs while a congregation searches for a settled pastor can be an especially fruitful time.  It is during this time that the church has an important opportunity to do the work of reevaluating, refocusing, healing, and “cleaning up.”  The interim time is much more than just a period of biding time; it is a time of making valuable preparations that can strengthen the church’s ministry for many years to come.  If you have an interest in helping congregations in transition, this workshop can be your first step in developing that ministry.


These Training Events are Sponsored by the Interim Ministry Working Group

     The Interim Ministry Working Group is a ministry of both the Ohio Conference of the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church in Ohio (Disciples of Christ).   Our purpose is to lift up a vision of Interim Ministry and its value for vital congregational life.  We are charged with supporting Interim Ministry and Interim Ministers within our two denominations.  Among other things, we provide regular training events and administer the Rezash Fund which financially supports the work of interim ministry in Ohio.



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