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     The Commission on Ministry remains in discernment as the new Order of Ministry went into effect on August 1, 2011.  On October 8, 2011 in an effort to acclimate Licensed Ministers to Commissioned Ministers, the Commission on Ministry held a Commissioned Ministers Conference at Camp Christian.

     We had approximately 65 in attendance and proved extremely successful.  Together in fellowship we accomplished much more than anticipated.  Assured God's presence was proclaimed our Values and Seeds of Vision"In covenant together, we are gifted and called to become a true community by"were demonstrated through bible study;"Sharing our transformation experiences of Jesus Christ with ourcommunities around us", through teambuilding;"Helping to network our congregation' effective ministries with one another",and through verbal communion;"Building trust through open clear communication".  The existence of the Holy Spirit surrounded all of us that day and was affirmed by the numerous positive e-mails received following the conference.


     The Commission on Ministry (COM) of the Christian Church in Ohio is now composed of a large group of members divided into 3 teams.  


Team 1

Their primary focus is to meet with candidates who are seeking to be ordained.  They will be seeing candidates that are in seminary and candidates who would like to be considered for the Apprentice Track.  The Apprentice Track is a new track developed as a result of the New Order of Ministry.


Team 2

Their primary focus is to meet with candidates who are Commissioned Ministers, (previously Licensed Ministers) and candidate who are seeking to be commissioned ministers.


Team 3

Their primary focus is to review standing for the region.  They will review standing forms, strengthen relationships and build networks with; Ordained Ministers, UCC Partners and Candidates that are ordained in another tradition but wish to be recognized by Disciples.


     Each team is currently creating a process and a schedule that will focus on the needs of the candidate and the Regional Church Office.


     Year to date the Ohio Commission on Ministry offers "Leadership Development"to:  We honored and Ordained 8 ministers in the Ohio Region.  There are 41 Commissioned Ministers, 11 of the 41 are seeking to be on the Apprentice Track, 29 Candidates are seeking to be Commissioned Ministers, 26 Candidates are in Seminary, and 7 Candidates are ordained in another tradition and wish to be recognized Disciples of Christ.


     Great challenges are before the Commission on Ministry.  Blessed with strength and commitment to the ministry we have been called to we will continue to use the spiritual gifts that we have been blessed with to uphold, love, care, support, and nurture others who have said yes to God's call to ministry. 


For more Commission on Ministry information including Candidate forms CLICK HERE

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