Advent - Friday, December 15th

By Rev. Heather S Schimmel - Friday December 15, 2017

Please Read 2 Peter 3: 8 – 15a

     There are times when I'm not patient.  And some days I think God moves TOO SLOW!  Waiting is not an easy thing to do and in times of stress can be almost painful.  

     There have been times I my life recently when waiting on God has seemed so hard.  I wanted to know the answers NOW.  I would cry and argue with God, but somehow God always found a way to remind me that the timing I wanted wasn't the best thing for us.  God's timing was better and I needed to wait and learn in the waiting time.  There were lessons I needed to experience in the wait that would impact the future God was calling me into.

     There are things we, as individual Christians, and as the church need to learn as we wait for Jesus.  We aren't ready for God to finish the story by any chance and we're not really ready for Christmas.  We need to stop and listen to God's teachings today!  Today has a great deal to offer us that we miss when we're busy trying to tell God what to do.

     My Grandson came to visit me recently and he lives very much in this moment with a vague understanding of future and past.  But not much concrete need for an understanding of their importance.  He laughs completely freely, he enjoys his food with delight, he plays at blocks as if they are a brand new experience, and he takes every moment as a new adventure.  He lives each moment completely.

     There's a huge lesson there if we're willing to learn it.  Live now.  Enjoy now.  Embrace the now and know the Holy in and of the now.  Let God be about the future.


     Oh, God!  Help us let go.  Help us know you in the now.  Open our hearts and minds to you in the now.


Rev. Heather S Schimmel
First Christian Church, Wauseon
Regional Church Council, Anti-Racism and Reconciliation

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