Camp Christian Commission

Report to the Regional Church Council

The Camp Christian Committee has been working hard to make our beloved Camp Christian a safe and meaningful place to visit this year.


We currently have  subcommittees which help to facilitate the different aspects of camp:

Our Facilities sub-committee has been working to maintain the upkeep of the buildings.  This year they have looked into things like new Generator for emergency power, re-roofing the craft cabin, and fixing the walk-ways.

Our energy sub-commitee has been looking into ways to be better stewards of our world by making camp for eco-friendly.

Our Marketing sub-committee is looking to help raise money through the 1 in 1000 campaign as well as thinking about ways to increase attendance numbers.  New programs are being looked into for ways we can use camp in the off season and share our space with outside groups to help with some of the cost too upkeep the property.

Chi Commission which works to make decisions about our camps for Middle-school aged youth.

CYF Commission which works to make decisions about our camps for High-school aged youth

Partnership commission which works to make decisions about camps for our younger aged youth


We are still working to get representatives from other aspects of camp to join us as we make important-overall decisions for the function of Camp Christian.

Within the past year, we worked to ensure information was available to churches to promote camp in the Spring.  This information was also passed out or shown at several camp fairs in the Ohio area.

Members of the committee also worked to get a volunteer pool on the Regional website for Staff use.

Tom Stephenson also hosted a roundtable for the region to come together and discuss the future of camp.  Thank Tom for organizing this, and hank you to all who came to discuss ideas and thoughts on how we can update our vision for Camp Christian.

We have not met since last year, but we do plan to meet soon to discuss changes taking place in the region and how camp will be affected.  Please stay tuned for more info later this year.


Respectfully submitted,
Rev. Heather A. Hicks

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