Rev. Dr. Janet Mers


Janet Mers

     The Christian Church in Ohio is pleased to announce the calling of Rev. Dr. Janet Mers to the position of Lilly Grant Director for the region.  By action of the Executive Committee of the Regional Church Council, Rev. Dr. Mers will begin her duties on July 1, 2017 through the duration of the project (three years) even as she concludes her long-term pastorate with Perry Christian Church on July 31st.  As part of the ministry staff of the regional church, Mers will be concluding her service as a member of the Regional Church Council and as the region’s Finance Committee Chair effective June 30th.

     In a statement she said, “I am humbled and excited to serve as the Project Director for the Excellence in Ministry (EIM) Lilly Grant.”  Mers has already met with her colleague Project Directors and the representative from the Lilly Foundation who reviewed and discussed ways to improve the effectiveness of our Ohio EIM Grant efforts.

     Many denominations experience pastors leaving the ministry within 5 years of service because they are over burdened with debt, or congregations not able to pay a full time pastor a living wage.  To address these vital issues, Rev. Dr. Mers will be developing two committees that will award EIM Grants to provide Ohio: 1) debt relief for pastors overwhelmed with debt, and 2) grants that empower congregations to retain their pastor.  On this Mers says, “My prayer is, with the foreknowledge gained from our Lilly colleagues, the Ohio Lilly Grant will successfully assist pastors to thrive, and empower congregations.  My hope is that the Lilly Grant will strengthen Ohio as we care for our pastors and congregations.  My greatest desire is to work with all of you, as together we care for our pastors and congregations by serving God like Jesus.”

     There is much preparation to be done before Buckeye Disciples can apply for a grant and Mers will be working to have everything in place so we can start receiving applications by the end of October 2017.  Please join us in welcoming Janet to the staff of the Christian Church in Ohio and be in prayer for her during this time of excitement and transition.

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